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Tara L. Banks  |  Charleston, SC

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Author, Tara L. Banks

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Episode 104 - Tara Banks

Episode 104 - Tara Banks

Tara L. Banks is a worship pastor at Seacoast Church, speaker, and consultant at The Worship Dept. where she and her friend, Nate Davis, come alongside churches to help them develop and build their worship ministries and teams. Tara is also the author of 'Waiting On Wonders,' a 40-day devotional that offers you opportunities to develop a greater awareness of God's presence and to recognize how He is moving in your life. In this episode, Brandon talks to Tara about some of those moments and what they can teach us about who God is calling us to be. Want to connect with Tara? Here's how: Instagram: @taralbanks @waitingonwonders @theworshipdept Buy the Book: Thanks for listening to the "This Awesome Life" podcast. "This Awesome Life" is a collection of stories that point to purpose. This podcast will help you dig through your own stories and find the threads of purpose hidden within. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe so you never miss an episode of the "This Awesome Life" Podcast! If you love the "This Awesome Life" podcast, please leave us a review. Other ways to connect with Brandon and the "This Awesome Life" community. Find the This Awesome Life blog at Subscribe to the newsletter and get a free copy of “Finding You: Discover your Personal Values and Life Mission.” Connect with Brandon on social media: Twitter - Instagram - Facebook -
How I Self-Published: Tara Banks

How I Self-Published: Tara Banks

Join Taryn for an interview with Tara Banks, author of Waiting on Wonders. Tara L. Banks has been secretly writing behind her computer screen for the last 12 years. It wasn’t until she decided to write her first book and then accidentally lost every word she’d ever written that she knew the topic had to be what God was teaching her through everyday moments like that one. While happiest behind that screen, writing on Instagram, or her blog, Waiting on Wonders, she also enjoys speaking on podcasts, at conferences and events, and sharing her experiences through mentoring and coaching. Tara is a worship pastor at Seacoast Church in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. She is married to her college sweetheart, Greg, and they have two sons, Ethan and Brody, and a daughter-in-love, Lydia. When she is not tinkering with her ’73 CJ-5 Jeep or dreaming of Hawaii, you will more than likely find her waiting on wonders. Find out more at You can find Waiting on Wonders here: (affiliate link) -- You’ve written a book—now what? Download our FREE Self-Publishing Checklist here: Typewriter Creative Co. helps authors publish books that stand out on digital shelves—without the stress & overwhelm. Visit our website to learn how you can work with us on your first (or next) book:


"Tara Banks has been the most influential, supporting, empowering person in my life - who once, for a very long time, has been my boss. If you have been blessed by anything I have done, know that it has been because of Tara Banks. Her fingerprints are all over my life. I am so excited to now receive something she has created from the depths of her heart that we all get to be blessed by. This book is all about experiencing the presence of God in everyday moments. You need to get this book - I promise it will bless you, inspire you, and empower you to live more boldly with the Spirit. Your life is going to be changed through Waiting on Wonders."

Brandon Lake
Grammy Award Winner and
Seacoast Church Worship Pastor

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