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Cover image for Waiting On Wonders, 40 Days of Wonder Devotional by Tara L. Banks

Waiting on Wonders is a 40-day devotional where you can learn to slow down and notice everyday encounters with God. As you pause to hear His voice, you can discover

simple wonders in His presence.

Using everyday moments and practical examples, Waiting on Wonders shows you that the Lord is always speaking to our hearts and reminding us that He is active in our lives.

We just need to listen for His voice.

Selah spark image from Waiting On Wonders, 40 Days of Wonder Devotional by Tara L. Banks


Finding Everyday Fruit by Tara L. Banks announcement

The more we learn to wait on God’s presence in the simple moments and share that with others, the more we’ll unlock God’s presence in our daily lives and see the fruit of His Spirit that He wants to grow in us. This is the topic of Tara's new book, Finding Everyday Fruit, coming in early 2025.


Tara's Substack Newsletter is the new home for all her online writing and a growing community of friends called the "Fellow Wait-ers". Here you'll find posts, conversations, videos, images/wallpapers to keep you encouraged, and first-hand access to all the updates.

Why should we wait in God's presence? 
Why is the "Selah Spark" in the book? 
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“I started finding the Lord in the tiny pauses of life, the normal, everyday quiet moments I was used to blowing right through in pursuit of the louder ones. I began to ask Him, “Right here, right now, what do you want to teach me?” And you know what? He started showing me precious little everyday things that have become the foundation of Waiting on Wonders.”

- Tara L. Banks

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