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Find A Local

The heart is delighted by the fragrance of oil and sweet perfumes, and in just the same way, the soul is sweetened by the wise counsel of a friend." Proverbs 27:9 " (The Voice)

Travel. Most of us desire to see beyond the end of our street and experience what God offers when we get there. For some, traveling to the next town is a big adventure; for others, seeing another country is just the beginning. However, wherever your feet or flight take you, it's always good to find a local when you arrive.

A local can point out the best of that area—the must-see places, the hot spots. A local will know the best roads to take and those to avoid. Where is the best place to eat? Ask a local. It likely won't be the touristy places with the long lines but instead the back alley doors with faded signs and non-assuming titles.

Even better than asking a local's opinion is having a local with you to be a tour guide. They are the ones who can drive you to the best photo ops, share the secrets of that place, and help you see things from a different perspective.

Tourists stop and get sidetracked. Locals can keep you moving and are not distracted by the rest of the world.

Locals typically know something you don't and can tell you, "Don't stop here; you're going to want to wait for it up ahead—it gets better."

So it is in this life with other believers. You need a "local" to walk with you and help guide you in your life in Christ. You need a fellow believer who will point out the best paths to the high places and warn you not to slip on the rocks of temptation. You need a fellow believer to encourage your sense of adventure to try new things with the Lord that might seem different than where you've come from and avoid the tendency to slip back into the sinful way you've always done things. You need a fellow believer to point out the best perspectives of the Kingdom and not let you settle for second-rate photo ops of discontent and complacency.

You need a fellow believer who will not let you settle for mediocrity but will gently and safely guide you towards more, someone who will not let you peek from behind the blindfold of "good" until you've reached the "best" of who you are and where you're going in your life with Christ.

Fellow Wait-er, let's be the local guides for each other—making our way together to the hidden out-of-the-way places with the Lord. That's where the wonders are truly found.

✨ How We Wait Today:

Who in your life is your local tour guide in the faith? What friend encourages you in the Lord and points you to the best places? Thank the Lord for those people today, and then reach out to them and thank them for being a "local" in your life.

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