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Personal Pauses

Last week on the blog, I asked you to chime in and share your thoughts on an image. This deviation from the norm happened because I felt like the Lord was asking me to ask you what you "heard when you saw it." Since we know he is always speaking to us, I was excited to hear what he was saying to you as you paused and observed an everyday moment to recognize his presence.

The image was of a diseased lemon tree in my garden that had to be pruned for the sake of saving it. Your comments on what you "heard when you saw it" were incredible! I found it fascinating that no two answers were alike, and each perspective was fresh and personal. I was wildly encouraged.

It was equally as exciting to me that none of the shared thoughts were what I heard when I first saw it. It was a beautiful reminder that the Lord speaks to each of us individually and that my relationship with the Lord and how he speaks to me— is for me. In that way, He's not a one-size-fits-all God. Instead, he meets you and me right where we are and speaks to us in ways that he knows will be most impactful for us at that moment—all because we took a tiny moment to stop, listen, observe and wait. Isn't he wonderful! He is so kind, and His love for us is unending. (And in the event you're curious, I'll save my thoughts about these lemons for another day ◡̈ ).

So this week, instead of a fresh revelation from a tiny moment in my life for you to read, I present you a simple list. These are a few places where I heard the Lord clearly speak to me this week. All tiny moments. But all hugely impactful at the time he spoke.

At some point, you'll probably read about these on a future blog, but today, I'd love to encourage you to make your own list each week. Consider this a running record of His revelation - and in doing so, you'd have a list of his faithfulness when you needed to be reminded. Expect him to show up and speak to you through the precious, ordinary, miraculously mundane moments he wants to meet you in.

Because he does.

He's always speaking. Let's choose to focus our soul's attention on what he wants to say today.

Fellow "Wait-er," thank you for sharing what you heard with us last week. Keep telling others about finding his presence. He is writing a story in the personal pauses - just for you.

Just a few very everyday things God used to speak to me this week:

Seeing a bird's nest in a tree in a crowded shopping center

Hearing a friend singing in an adjacent room when staying at her house

Using the cruise control on my car on a road trip

Reading the story of Jesus healing a blind and deaf man

Fighting for community when it would be easier to go at it alone

Trying (unsuccessfully) to charge my phone in the car

You know... just the normal stuff of life.


I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better. - Ephesians 1:17 NIV

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