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Picking Up Blessings

On Tuesday this week, I went for an early morning walk. I typically walk each day (I talked about it here a few weeks ago), but this particular morning, it just so happened to be the day after Halloween.

As the sun was just coming up, I made my way down my usual path and as I turned the first corner, saw a mini candy bar on the sidewalk. In my mind, I thought, 'Oh yeah, that's right. Last night was Halloween.' It was a fleeting thought, and off I went.

I turned up the volume on my podcast and took a few more steps...Another piece of candy on the sidewalk. A few more steps. The same.

All throughout my walk that morning, I came across candy and sweets and treats that had been lost or dropped or ones that had accidentally toppled out of plastic pumpkins held by mini firemen. I'm sure they didn't know they lost it, and yet there it lay on the sidewalk, free for the taking. Using all willpower (I was trying to exercise, after all), I was happy to leave those goodies for the neighborhood children that would soon be boarding school buses in the next hour. What joy they would receive as they would come upon unsuspecting sweet treasure!

Every sidewalk I walked on that morning had treasure.

I heard the Lord say, "It's like that with the blessing of my presence. All along the journey of your day, there will be sweet reminders of how much I love you - free for the taking! I will litter the sidewalk of your life with unexpected moments for us to engage - just keep walking with me, and there will be treasures all along the way."

The blessing of the presence of the Lord is available all throughout our day. It's up to us to keep walking with him, find those unexpected sweet moments, and engage with him in them.

Fellow Wait-er - expect to find the unexpected blessing of his presence today! Be wide awake to it!

Remember, he is the giver of good gifts and loves to bless us. It might not look like what you think or maybe even what you've prayed for, but in simple moments, He will be there.

Keep your eyes open. Keep waiting on him...


Every good and perfect gift is from above... - James 1:17 (NIV)

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