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Something a Bit Different

This week on the blog - simply a picture.

If you're new here - you're totally welcome and I'm SO happy you've come!

If you've been on this journey with me a while, this will be new for you too.

I was ready to write a blog post about this little event in my garden this week, and I felt like the Lord said,

"Ask them instead what they see."

So - I'm asking you.

I simply want you to take a look at this picture of the not-yet-ripe lemons in my garden - pause - ask God what He wants to say to YOU about them - and tell us about it in the comments! That's it.

In doing so - we'll all be encouraged by your words, and we'll grow together as we learn to pause and listen for His voice in the everyday, normal moments of life.

The context: I was in my garden last week, and I cut these early lemons right off the tree because of what was happening to them. They had to go. ((Note: I'm not looking for gardening tips or a horticultural fix. Don't tell me what is happening to THEM (I actually know ◡̈)... tell me what is happening in YOU when you see this and what God is saying about it)).

We're going to put this 'waiting on wonders' thing into practice: open your heart and see how God wants to use this fruit to teach you today as you pause to experience his presence. Expect Him to speak to you.

I can't WAIT to read what He's saying and how it will be an encouragement to us all!

- TB

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