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The Secret Place

This is a giant Luna Moth. I found it one morning recently just off the sidewalk in my neighborhood. Although it was no longer alive, its intricate beauty was initially what stopped me in my tracks that day. It was not only a beautiful color in contrast to the pine straw in which it was laying, but it was huge—the wingspan larger than my palm. In that moment as I stooped down over the sidewalk and paused to snap this photo, the Lord began to speak to me about this creature’s life and how it related to mine.

I don't know a lot about these winged creatures but what I do know is that it's called a Luna Moth because it only flies at night.

I also don't know what it had been through or why it had come to rest where it did, but from the look of the torn wings in a few places, it looks like it had been through it the night before.

Sometimes it's the same with us.

Just like the most active parts of a Luna Moth’s life, the most important things that happen in our journey with the Lord happen in the dark. The Luna Moth only flies at night when most of the world is sleeping. Similarly, with us, the private Bible study times, the silent prayer all alone, and the non-Instagrammed parts of our spiritual walk are the most important parts of our journey. Those times when no one is watching….that’s when real growth happens and our life is transformed.

Matthew 6:6 (NJKV) says it like this:

But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly.

The "Secret Place" is less about a location and more about being in continual, purposeful, private fellowship with the Lord. It's being more concerned with actually seeking Him privately than seeking the praise of man for seeking Him privately.

Just like the Luna Moth I found, we often have the battle scars of flying through our own "nights" in the secret place with the Lord. This is where the work of formation is done.

It's in the secret place where obedience matures and turns into growth, and character development actually happens. It rarely is in the massive moments; typically, that’s just courage dressed up. Instead, it’s the daily routine of doing the hard thing—without anyone knowing.

The no quit. The early-morning discipline.

The late-night fervor.

The unseen.

That’s where obedience looks like submission to the Father. That’s where faith is worked out, and the Lord crafts the heart. That is where the steel enters your spine, and calluses form on your knees. That’s where deep-rooted decisions are made.

We might come out a little battle-scarred on the other side of the secret place, but our public lives will be stronger and more beautiful for spending hidden time with Him there.

How We Wait Today

It's important for us to have our own private relationship with the Lord. If you don't already, I'd love to encourage you to create space for time in the "secret place" with the Lord daily. Get to know Him—personally. Not watching what others are doing or how they are growing or even reading or scrolling through what others have to say about Him. Get to know Him for yourself. How are you making space in your life to do that this week?

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Tori Sheppard
Tori Sheppard
31 août 2023
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Just so so beautiful and deeply true


Megan Hrenya
Megan Hrenya
30 août 2023
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Thank you 💕

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