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The Year of Jubilee

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Fellow Wait-ers!

Welcome to 2023—the self-proclaimed year of jubilee. THIS is the year that Waiting on Wonders, the book, will be released and I believe, with your help, people around the world will learn how to experience God's presence in their everyday moments. We are three short weeks away from taking the book to print. And then ... we celebrate! I'll be calling on you in these next several weeks to help us get the word out. Tell your mama, tell your friends. Subscribe to the blog and follow on Instagram. All of it is important.

I'm so glad you're here.

Right here at the top of the year when we're all singing January songs, it's time to celebrate.

Celebrate what? Your life! You're breathing in and out and have purpose and a hope and a future. It's time for us to take off the blinders of what was 2022 and look at the year through the new lens of promise and what can be. Will it all be perfect? Nope. Will there be very hard things? We can be sure of it. Does that mean we need to dismiss the joy and heartache of 2022? Not a chance. However, each day we're given is an opportunity to experience God's presence and take one step further into the purpose that He's put us on planet Earth to fulfill. You were created to worship—and whatever is in your hand can be worship if you honor Him as you do that thing. It's all an opportunity to celebrate with your life simply by living out what He's given you. This is Jubilee.

Biblically, a year of Jubilee comes at the end of 7 years or sets of 25 or 50 years. It was a celebration where debts were forgiven, captives released, and the land and people were allowed to rest. It's where we get our word "jubilation"— a season of celebration. I'm not at the threshold of any of those sets of years, but I'm declaring a jubilee, nonetheless. (and I can throw a party in my life whenever I want - so can you. ◡̈)

This year, I'm declaring "jubilee" not only as my word for the year but how I feel in my heart about 2023. This is the year when everything that has been captive in my heart will be released. It's when we learn, more than ever, to rest in the presence of the Lord. It is where we see things come to completion and things getting a brand new start. I want to be released into everything God has for me—an abundance—and yet release myself from having to get it all right. I want to be freed to celebrate the great stuff, acknowledge the hard stuff, and learn from both. I want to keep "short accounts" with friends and family, live like today is the last and yet dream big for the future. This is Jubilee.

I can't think of a better picture for January.

I'm also believing this will be a year of jubilee for you and your families and the things that are in your hands. This is the year of the Lord's favor. Let's commit to believing that God will move in big ways. Let's put the enemy on alert that he is no longer allowed to keep our hearts captive. God has plans for us as His Kingdom people—let's not only say it, but believe it. Let's step into the fullness of all those plans in 2023 and celebrate the liberation He offers to us, our families, and those we love. He is Good News. This is good news.

It's party time, people. Welcome to Jubilee.


"The Spirit of the Lord, the Eternal, is on me. The Lord has appointed me for a special purpose.

He has anointed me to bring good news to the poor. He has sent me to repair broken hearts,

And to declare to those who are held captive and bound in prison, “Be free from your imprisonment!”

He has sent me to announce the year of jubilee, the season of the Eternal’s favor: for our enemies it will be a day of God’s wrath; For those who mourn it will be a time of comfort." - Isaiah 61:1-2

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