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When the Wind Blows

Fellow "Wait-ers"! I've been a bit MIA in the last two weeks, and I appreciate those who have reached out to inquire about the book, blog, and all.the.things. So here's a little update!

The blog: I'm still here, I promise! I've been working very hard on a tight book-finishing deadline and putting all my writing focus into the book. It's still my desire for the blog to be a weekly source of encouragement, but - I also operate from a place of freedom and grace, and if I don't have a blog post each week, I know that the planet will continue to revolve. ◡̈ BUT - I do love the fact that there is a faithful handful of you who actually miss it when I don't post - and that means more to me than you will ever know. You are my people.

The book: Y'all. I have a hard deadline! January 6th. That means - between now and then, I've got to get this thing finished, edited, and in the hands of those that need it. Would you please pray with me that I can have the moments I need and the inspiration in those very moments to finish well and not just finish? I want to write beautiful words that I sense are from God's heart, but here in the home stretch am tempted to just get words on paper if I can be honest. Pray that I will not settle for just words but ones with weight and purpose, and be patient to wait on the Lord for the right ones. He's teaching me much about waiting on Him in this season! Funny how that works when you're writing a book on waiting.

The launch party: I met with a dear friend this week who is going to help me head up the whole thing! Although directing attention at me is not my thing, she's assured me we can have a party that captures my heart: my desire to want to celebrate YOU and the ways you've championed this crazy idea from day one. It will be a par-tay and one you'll not want to miss as we celebrate Waiting on Wonders - 40 Days of Wonder launch. If any of you are new here and want to be a part of the launch crew - please send me an email at More info and a save the date coming soon!

And so - that's the update! I'll keep you posted as the weeks go on. Keep your eyes up. He's all around us - pause and see what he wants to say to you today.

For me - He was in the wind.

When the Wind Blows

Today is my day off. It's been a long few weeks with a full schedule, and my heart and body needs rest. I'm well aware what happens when my life gets loud; I have trouble hearing his voice. So, I'm purposefully turning down the noise so I can amplify his voice in my heart today.

One way I do this is to take a long drive. I point my car out of the driveway, put on some purposeful worship music, and let the lyrics wash over me as I sing and remind my soul of the one who loves me. I'm not driving to a destination per se; I'm just driving to see creation with my own eyes, go to places where I know I've heard Him, and can either park and read the Bible or simply journal and write. I finally find my way slowly to a familiar spot, turn the car off, and sit inside with the door wide open.

Today this car is holy ground. Shoes come off. Eyes fix. Heart melts.

I breathe in the beauty all around, and as Eugene Peterson says*, I can feel "my soul catching up with my body."

Yellow butterflies take to wing in pairs. Birds sing of his matchless goodness. And then the wind.

It's fall, and while Charleston doesn't really have seasons as much as other places do, the leaves know to obey their creator this time of year, and they start their color-turn-and-release from the trees that have held them. The wind blows, and I watch as a few of those leaves lose their trees. A strong gust blows through and for a moment, as hair blows and eyes squint, I feel that I can sense a portion of His power.

The wind is a beautiful picture of His Spirit. We can't see it - but we can certainly feel it and see its effects.

Again, I hear the wind in the distance.... wait for it. Wait for it.

After a moment, my hair blows. It's now present with me.

He's present with me.

...hear, feel, see the effects...

...hear, feel, see...He always works in beautiful cycles.

There is comfort in knowing that when I hear Him, I know very soon I will feel His presence and sense the effects of His move. Not that I always know where He will lovingly take me, like a leaf minus tree, but I know He will. And in that, there is peace.

So like a wind-blown leaf, I take a deep breath and wait for his spirit to blow through and move my heart where He wants it to go today. Like those leaves in the wind, I know I'm at his mercy and oh so grateful to have his spirit's wind swirl around me and take me into a greater awareness of His presence in this moment.

Today, I'm thankful for the wind.


Now I know this: the Eternal is great; His power is unmatched. Our Master is above any so-called god. He does whatever He pleases, in heaven, on earth, in the seas, and in all the ocean depths. He draws up the clouds that rise over the whole earth, He causes rain and the lightning to strike, and He summons the wind from His storehouses. - Psalm 135: 5-7 (The Voice)

*“We stop, whether by choice or through circumstance, so that we can be alert and attentive and receptive to what God is doing in and for us, in and for others, on the way. We wait for our souls to catch up with our bodies.” - Eugene Peterson, The Jesus Way

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